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The Right School for Every Child

As parents, you have the opportunity to choose a school with the philosophy, values, and approach to teaching that is the right fit for your child and family. Plan early and take the time to explore thoroughly the school options in the Santa Barbara community. Below are some suggestions to help you make the right investment in your child’s future:

• Read informational materials
• Browse school websites
• Visit and tour a range of schools
• Talk with admission representatives, students, teachers, administrators
            · Ask students what is special about their classes and teachers?
            · Are there highly-qualified, dedicated teachers?
            · What is the student/teacher ratio?
            · Are there strong partnerships among parents, teachers, and students?
            · How does the school measure quality and meet high standards?
            · Is the school accredited? If so, by which organizations?
• Accompany your child to a school sporting event, play, open house, or science fair
• Ask about tuition and tuition assistance







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